Personal Loans

There are many different circumstances under which you might be required or wish to take out a personal loan. Whether you’re buying a new car, doing renovations on your house, or planning an overseas holiday, a personal loan from First Class Finance can help you get there sooner.

With a panel of over 50 lenders, we provide a truly market view and can save you the hassle and time of going to multiple lenders to get a good deal. We will help you to get the best rate, fast, and find the right finance solution to suit your needs. Whether you want to pay off the loan quickly, make additional payments, redraw on overpaid amounts or just get the very lowest rate, we can help.

You can use a personal loan for almost anything, such as:

Debt consolidation

Overseas travel

New cars and motorbikes

Boats, caravans and trailers

Novated leasing

Home renovations

Why choose us?

Whether a new car, home renovations, or an overseas holiday, we will help you get the right loan for your individual needs at the best rate possible. We make the process as simple and hassle-free as possible, doing the hard work for you and making the experience smooth and easy.

Clarity – You will receive clear information about the progress of your application

Expertise – Our experience and expertise ensure we find the right loan for you at the best rate

Simple Process – You only need to provide all the information once

Efficient Process – We ensure the loan processing time is as short as possible

Transparency – We will tell you from the start all fees the bank/lender might charge you

Success – We give you the best chance of your loan application being accepted

With our expertise and your dreams, let’s start creating the lifestyle you desire.

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Debt Consolidation

Roll all your debt into one easy to manage loan, and save money on interest payments.

If you have multiple debts, it can pay to consolidate them into one loan with only one interest rate and one regular payment. We will assess your current situation, provide you with the facts about your options and work with you to design a solution that is tailored to your preferred outcome and long-term goals.

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New Car Finance

Got your eye on a new car? Get moving with a personal loan to purchase your new vehicle.

Our experts can help you to find the right loan to match your needs. We can source loans for all types of vehicles from cars and motor bikes to campervans, at the very best rate available for you.

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Novated Leasing

Get moving in your new car and save tax by salary sacrificing.

A Novated Lease is a vehicle lease agreement between you, your employer and a finance company. Also known as car salary packaging or salary sacrifice, novated leasing is suitable for permanent employees of companies, as well as for partnerships, sole traders and individuals where the vehicle is used for income producing purposes.

It is a three-way salary sacrificing arrangement whereby your employer or business pays your vehicle lease payments out of your pre-tax salary, which enable you to get a new car as well as considerable tax savings.

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Home renovations

Aussies love to renovate. Increase the value of your property and get closer to turning your house into your dream home with a personal loan for home renovations.

While renovating your house can be an exciting prospect, it pays to plan ahead and to know what it’s going to cost. We can help you secure the finance and have the funds you need available to make your renovation a success.

Speak to us today about a personal loan for home renovations, to turn your dreams for your home into a reality.

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